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Sportsbook Review's Natalie Rydstrom covers the recent news concerning Pennsylvania's hot pursuit of legal sports betting.

Pennsylvania politicians are trying their best to have sports betting made legal.

Democratic representatives Rob Matzie and Nick Kotik are both in favor of sports betting, and called upon congress by way of a bill last year asking for state licensed casinos to accept sports bets.

The Pennsylvania House Gaming Oversight committee discussed the bill this week.

A figure of $400 billion a year was thrown around as being what sports betting brings in each year through unregulated channels. Daily fantasy sports operators were also squarely in their cross-hairs.

While Pennsylvania may join the likes of New Jersey in support of sports betting, Texas Governor Abbott is on the other side of the spectrum in completely against state-run sports betting. For now, Nevada enjoys a virtual monopoly out West thanks to archaic federal legislation PASPA or the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection act of 1992.

Matzie touched on this point with an eloquent statement after the hearing: “Congress lifting the ban wouldn’t force any state into allowing something they have no interest in, but it would give states an option to consider and explore. Until that ban is lifted though, the states that were not grandfathered into an exemption are forced to sit and wait.” –Democratic Representative Rob Matzie

Sportsbook Review will continue to cover each state's pursuit of legal sports betting.

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