More Casineto slow-pay complaints reach the SBR mailbox

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Six Casineto (not rated) slow-pay complaints have been filed by bettors. The reports date back to May 30th, when one player requested $1400 via Moneybookers. He has yet to be paid. Another player is being slow-paid on a $2,000 Moneybookers payment requested June 22nd. The amount owed to players is over $15,000. Casineto has cited "technical issues" as reason for payment delays. Casineto Sportsbook is located in Costa Rica, and lists a physical UK address on its website which is a mail forwarding service in the UK. Players should avoid this sportsbook. History suggests there is a high probability that this new sportsbook will fold or have ongoing problems.

Casineto response to players:
We are sorry for the delay in transferring your money. We have been facing technical problems, their solution is in progress. We transfer your money as soon as possible.
CasiNETo Support Team

One player's summary of Casineto:

“Good signup offers, limited range of markets, extremely good odds on some markets (got the impression that once odds were put up, they were never updated),didn't appear to be any limits to bet sizes, very quick and easy to place a bet - however it could be unclear whether the bet had been accepted - once I placed a bet twice because of this. Site was a little slow when navigating between different screens, overall site design not too bad, deposit process fast ( I used credit card),some bets settled very fast (within 1 min) while others took almost a day to settle. Very very slow at answering email queries - between 3 and 8 days - but they usually did answer. Withdrawl process very poor - automated email sent advising withdrawl would be actioned within 48 hours - I had 3 withdrawls and theytook between 8 days and 2 weeks. Although the site states no fees for bank transfers each time I was charged $20 and the exchange rate was very poor. Customer service was pleasant in terms of the tone of emails I received when I eventually got replies, never answered their phone.

In summary, odds almost too good to be true, but my nerves couldn't deal with their slow withdrawl process and even slower customer service. I won't be going back as I don't feel confident my money is safe.”

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