More BetDOS slowpay complaints

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Two new BetDOS (SBR rating D+) slowpay complaints have been received. One player requested a $500 Moneygram on January 15th and has yet to receive his funds. The second player initiated a payout request on January 12th for $1567 via Moneybookers. BetDOS customer service has cited an absent manager as the reason for payment delays.


The problem is that before he was in the office every day, and now he's away and not logged in enough.

In total SBR has recorded six outstanding slowpay complaints against BetDOS. $5908 is owed to players with the oldest requested initiated on December 10th.


Player comments:


I qualified for a withdrawal at Bet Dos with the 10X playthrough and have the printed records and e-mails from their online support to prove it.They said I would get a $500 Moneygram payment this week but live website support just kept saying it might be the next day,the next day.etc.I like ths sportsbook and will make a 3rd deposit but I'm just a bit leary of them not giving me a definite answer on a withdrawal.Maybe I'm jumping to conclusions but others on the forum are a bit leary too.I apologize to them if I jumped the gun with a complaint.Could you just nudge them to coherse them to pay me.It will be greatly appreciated.

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