Mobibet Sportsbook pays player; confiscates from 11 others

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A Mobibet Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) player has reported payment of €400. Mobibet Sportsbook was recently blacklisted by SBR for refusing to honor the winning balances of eleven players that filed sportsbook complaints with SBR. Mobibet's basis for not paying is that their terms and conditions limit bonuses to recreational players.

When online sportsbooks use recreational in this context it signifies winning. Players that sign up, go all in, and lose their starting deposit are perfectly welcomed at Mobibet, although players who do the same and quickly run through their bonus rollover are shown the door with only their starting deposit to their name. Mobibet claimed that their software provider Every Matrix gave their stamp of approval and confirmed that it is common to confiscate winnings from "bonus abusers".

Unlike other cases that have been reported by SBR against other bookmakers where winnings were confiscated for alleged bonus abuse, there were no allegations of multiple accounts, fraudulent documents, or anything nefarious: In fact a majority of the players already had their ID on file with Mobibet. It was only when each player requested payment that Mobibet decided not to pay.

SBR spoke with Mobibet at length arguing the point that its actions constituted a freeroll. Mobibet is managed by three partners, SBR spoke with only one.

Mobibet would not realign its way of thinking with industry standard. Mobibet, in an attempt to justify their confiscations, updated their terms and conditions with clearer language indicating that players are at risk of account seizure at their discretion. The unfair enforcement has landed Mobibet Sportsbook on the SBR blacklist.

Players must use extreme caution when choosing to create accounts with new bookmakers. Players must understand that unproven sportsbooks with no track record of doing the right thing are always dangerous to get involved with. It is simply not worth the allure of an extra bonus when getting paid is not a possibility. There appears to be no reason other than the amount of bet sizes involved to Mobibet's agreeing to pay some of the players who filed SBR complaints while confiscating the winnings of others.

SBR urges players who have not already done so to file a sportsbook complaint. Mobibet has agreed to discuss sportsbook issues raised by players even if it would not agree to pay players that SBR argued should receive payment. Players can also share their Mobibet Sportsbook feedback in the SBR Sportsbook & Industry forum.

Sportsbook Review reported on March 14 that 22 players sought assistance and reported that Mobibet was refusing to pay more than €30,000.

SBR will continue to keep readers up to date with Mobibet Sportsbook. Mobibet is currently part of the SBR Sportsbook Blacklist, a directory of D- and F rated online sportsbooks that confiscate winnings from players.

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