Mobibet Sportsbook complaint #30

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A Mobibet Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) player has filed an SBR complaint. The player has reported difficulty receiving payment of €500. He has claimed that all of his identity documents are on file with Mobibet Sportsbook and that there has been no reason given the payout issue. He claims that for more than two weeks Mobibet Sportsbook has not processed his payout.

Sportsbook Review reported last week that Mobibet Sportsbook confiscated winnings from 11 players, paying approximately a dozen players, from the initial flood of complaints received by SBR. Mobibet Sportsbook had no good reason to confiscate the ~€20,000 in winnings, but did provide one: Bonus abuse.

Mobibet Sportsbook attempts to justify confiscations

Mobibet Sportsbook claims that it was advised by software host Every Matrix LLC (also known as OddsMatrix) that it is completely common for sportsbooks to confiscate winnings from players that were identified as bonus abusers. Mobibet Sportsbook also pointed out that their amended terms and conditions, which more clearly give them permission to confiscate winnings and advertise that bonus abusers are unwelcome, was cleared by OddsMatrix and their own legal department.

SBR pointed out to Mobibet in its conference call and ensuing correspondence that it is freerolling players. Mobibet are accepting deposits and wagers as normal but then deciding to confiscate winnings from players that are alleged to be "abusers". A bonus abuser according to Mobibet Sportsbook is a player that wagers 100% of his deposit on the first play, and if he wins proceeds to lower his bet amount and clear through the rollover obligations whilst taking little risks or increasing the bet size again. Mobibet has no problem accepting the deposits and bets from players who end up losing in their quest to fulfill the offered bonuses, which makes their practice of confiscating winnings a scam.

Mobibet Sportsbook has little experience dealing with such situations. However, as is the case in criminal court, being naive is no defense. Mobibet has violated the industry standard and good faith by robbing these players of their legitimately earned winnings. For that reason, Mobibet Sportsbook was initiated with a rating of D-, which indexes them on the Sportsbook blacklist. Mobibet has discussed some cases with SBR since refusing to reverse their decision to give players their funds. In the event that Mobibet Sportsbook reverses their decision and pays players and revamps their bonus rules to better align with the industry standard, SBR will remove them from the blacklist.

Players are advised to avoid Mobibet Sportsbook. While there have been no verified complaints from users that did not accept a starting bonus, the risk which accompanies playing at Mobibet far outweighs any value offered by their OddsMatrix linesets.

Players who have not already done so are encouraged to submit a sportsbook complaint form. While SBR cannot guarantee to successfully resolve the complaint in a player's favor, Mobibet has at least shown the willingness to respond to player submitted complaints.

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