MLB Commissioner Takes Another Swing at Sports Betting

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MLB commissioner Rob Manfred took another swing at the subject of legal sports betting in the United States during an ESPN Outside the Lines segment Friday.

Manfred previously provided a glimmer of hope to sports bettors two and a half weeks ago when he spoke about the younger generation's interest in sports betting at a Yahoo Finance All Markets Summit.

Manfred had the following to say to ESPN with respect to sports betting: “We have done some research on how gambling relates to fan engagement. There’s a lot of information for example in Europe where it’s much more common in terms of legalized gambling. I think from our perspective, from baseball’s perspective, it’s clear there’s a conversation about gambling that’s ongoing. [NBA] Commissioner Adam Silver has been very articulate about posing the issues. And I think it’s incumbent upon us to make sure we understand what the facts are, what kind of legalized gambling are you talking about, how would it be regulated, what are the threats to the integrity of the sport. And make sure the institution is in a position to deal with whatever roads come down the road.” (credit to for transcription).

MLB's top dog is not alone with his optimism. As he touched on with his comments, NBA commish Adam Silver penned an op-ed for the NY Times expressing the belief that the US could benefit from federally regulating and taxing sports betting, providing more safeguards for bettors who are wagering anyway.

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