MLB Betting Odds & Props Assessed for 2015 Season

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Sportsbook Review reported last week that an online sportsbook was dealing reduced juice for the remainder of MLB spring training games.

With the MLB 2015 regular season just days away, players may wish to take a look at the MLB Betting Futures Directory, which lasts season running prop bets and futures.

World Series Winner
Arguably the grand daddy of MLB Prop Betting markets, the World Series Winner is the most popular. The odds on favorite for the upcoming Major League Baseball campaign are the Washington Nationals, priced at an average 5.5 to 1. Online sportsbooks are paying out $550 for every $100 risked in other words. The Los Angeles Dodgers are an average price of 7.5 to 1. Perhaps most surprisingly of all, the online sportsbooks have rated the New York Yankees as average 36.5 to 1 underdogs, so a $100 wager returns $3,650 for bettors' bankrolls.

World Series Matchups
Online sportsbooks are taking bets on the exact matchup for the World Series, paying out handsomely if the correct two teams meet in the final, regardless of who wins. Sportsbook 5Dimes (SBR rating A+) is paying out 27 to 1 times your investment if the Nationals and Angels meet in the big dance, for example.

Regular Season Wins
A common prop offered in all major American and European sports, regular season wins: How many wins will a team record, or not record? The Arizona Diamondbacks are priced at 72.5 wins, where the over returns even money, and the under will cost you $120 to win $100, or 20 cents of bookmaker vigorish.

Performance Stats by Player and Team
There are actually sportsbooks taking bets on which team scores the most home runs, runs batted in, hits, stolen bases, and just about every combination under the sun. It is one massive player and team performance table.

The MLB Betting directory also contains sections on the Pennant winners for the American and National League, all MLB division odds, Cy Young Winner odds, MVP odds, and much more.


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