MLB Betting: A look through Tuesday's Sportsbook Markets

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Online sportsbooks have 13 lined MLB games on the board for this evening.

This articles takes a look at the betting markets on offer through the moneyline (outright winner) market, the overall line movement, and total run odds.

The wagering data cited is powered by free lines and scores monitoring website SBR Odds.

Time: 6:10PM ET
Nationals vs. Red Sox
Opening line: +100/-110

Sportsbooks have taken 54% of bets on the Nationals, however the line has shortened on the Red Sox, moving from an opening line of -110 to an average price of -120 ($120 to win $100). This suggests the financial volume or action from sharper handicappers may be aligned with the Red Sox.

The total opened at 7.5 runs and is presently on 8 at all online sportsbooks.

Time: 7:05PM ET
Yankees vs. Orioles
Opening line: -129/-139

The Yankees have just 46% of bets to win outright against the Orioles, though the odds have dropped by 18 cents since opening. Presently, the line is an average of +110/-120.

The total runs opened at 8 and remain on the number with 64% of bettors on the over.

Time: 7:05PM ET
Tigers vs. Pirates
Opening line: +111/-121

63% of bets are on the Tigers to win vs. the Pirates. The line is still on par with the opener of +111/-121 at most sportsbooks.

67% of bets are on the over 7.5 runs.

Time: 7:07PM ET
Rays vs. Bluejays
Opening line: +133/-143

57% of bets are on the Bluejays, the line has shortened a few cents since opening at -143.

As for the total runs market, the line has dropped a half-point since the opener, from 8.5 to 8.

Time: 7:10PM ET
Whitesox vs. Indians
Opening line: +119/-129

58% of bets are on the Indians vs the Whitesox. The line has remained in the neighborhood of the -129 opener.

The total runs market dropped a whole run from 8 to 7.

Time: 7:10PM ET
Phillies vs. Mets
Opening line: +208/-226

The Mets are receiving 57% of bets as the day's chalkiest favorite. Per the current market price, a wager on the Phillies will return almost two times your investment.

52% of bettors have the game going over the posted total of 6.5 runs.

Time: 7:10PM ET
Marlins vs. Braves
Opening line: +100/-110

The Marlins are receiving 57% of bets against the Braves, and are now -110 favorites on average after the line opened at even money.

The total runs market is set at 7.5.

Time: 8:05PM ET
Reds vs. Cubs
Opening line: +138/-148

The Reds opened as +138 underdogs and have dropped to an average price of +130 ($100 pays $130).

The total runs market opened and remained at 7.

Time: 8:05PM ET
Angels vs. Rangers
Opening line: -112/+102

44% of bettors are on the Angels to win outright vs the. Rangers. The line is still where it opened, though, suggesting that more volume may be on the Rangers.

Time: 8:10PM ET
Athletics vs. Astros
Opening line: -113/+103

The Athletics have 58% of bets according to SBR Odds and are average -115 favorites.

The total runs market is set at 9 and has risen a half point since opening.

Time: 10:10PM ET
Mariners vs. Dodgers
Opening line: +109/-119

A sizable 62% of bettors are backing the Mariners vs. the Dodgers, and the line movement reflects this: The line has changed from +109 to -115, meaning the Mariners have been bet from underdogs into being the favorite.

The total runs market is set at 7.5.

Time: 10:10PM ET
Diamondbacks vs. Padres
Opening line: +127/-137

58% of bets are on the Padres vs. the Diamondbacks to win outright.

The total line is a low 6.5.

Time: 10:10PM ET
Rockies vs. Giants
Opening line: +130/-140

The action is split evenly for moneyline betting, with 50.3% on the Giants to win. The line has dropped 10 cents on average since the opener.

The total runs line remains at 7.

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