MLB Betting Directory: Prop betting, World Series, game odds

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The 2014 MLB season is officially here and online sportsbooks are offering many different ways of wagering. If you're in search of value, look no further. SBR has mapped out the best places for every gambler including the value hunting professional. The MLB Betting Directory lists proposition bets, futures markets, game odds, and more as offered by the industry's best online sportsbooks.

Proposition Wagers

Statistically inclined bettors often lick their lips at these markets. Typically spread with lower limits than other forms of baseball wagering, these proposition markets offer some of the best and worst value to the investor. These markets vary at each online sportsbook but some consistent markets are made available during a normal day's baseball slate. These baseball prop betting markets include but are not limited to, general scoring, inning performance, hits+runs+errors, total bases handicap, series betting, and the list goes on. Sportsbook has assembled the more popular offerings to highlight which online sportsbook offers the best price on each side.

For example, if the Colorado Rockies are -120 to score first against the Miami Marlins who are priced at +100, Sportsbook Review lists which online sportsbook of those who offer this market have the best odds in the players favor.

In the case of the full MLB opening day slate, the following order applies for betting this market of team to score first:

#1. 5Dimes Sportsbook offers the best overall line on Colorado to score first, pricing the outcome at -120. This means a $120 wager pays $100.
#2. BetOnline Sportsbook has the best line if you're looking to bet on the Miami Marlins to score first, offering this outcome at 100+ or even money. A $100 wager pays $100 in profit.

Sportsbook Review has done the homework for you and listed which online sportsbook is offering you the best bang for your buck for MLB prop wagering. Prices are subject to change and are valid as of publication time for proposition wagers.

Futures Market

Sports bettors who aren't keen on undergoing the daily grind of handicapping, research, and keeping up with team news and bookmaker pricing markets often enjoy betting the futures markets. These markets include the MLB World Series winner, American League winner, National League winner, as well as the winners of each of MLB's divisions. The charts published by Sportsbook for each of these wagering markets are 100% dynamic - meaning they update in real-time, without so much as a page refresh! Bookmark the URL for convenience and easy access to the most competitive futures bets.

Here's a quick run-through of how to properly navigate and use the 2014 World Series winner betting odds table:

LA Dodgers to Win

A quick look through the MLB Bet Directory shows that the LA Dodgers are offered at +700 at 5Dimes Sportsbook, +600 at Bet365 and William Hill, and +650 at Bovada, SportsInteraction, Ladbrokes, and 888Sport. In other words, if you were risking $100, the highest payout comes at 5Dimes Sportsbook. If you're the type of gambler who will only choose to use one sportsbook, you should also factor in other criteria you may be interested in such as payment options, line types offered on a daily basis, bonuses and/or reduced juice. So your  top list for betting the Dodgers would look like this:

#1 5Dimes Sportsbook offers the best payout on the LA Dodgers to win the 2014 World Series, offering +700.
#2 Bovada Sportsbook, Ladbrokes are tied for the second best price with their offering of +650. This pays out $50 less than if the bet was placed with 5Dimes.

#3 SportsInteraction (SIA) offers +645, which pays $5 less per $100 risked than Bovada and Ladbrokes.

This method of analysis can save you hundreds or thousands depending on your unit size over the course of a season. It especially comes in handy if you're the kind of sports bettor who likes to hedge out a position to lock in a profit regardless of what happens.

MLB Game Odds

SBR lists each sportsbook side by side showing the current line which updates in real time. You can bookmark the MLB Bet Directory or to continually get information on-time and for free, saving you the trouble of having to open 11 tabs on your browser to manually find and compare odds one by one - a tedious process and one that distracts you from finding the best overall wagering value.

The MLB season has many swings, ups and downs. Make sure the time you spend is on handicapping and let Sportsbook do the heavy lifting for you in finding out where is the best and most reliable place to pay - a place that will not give you a headache come payout time.

Make sure to bookmark the MLB Betting Directory.


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