ML718 Added to Sportsbook Blacklist

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ML718 Sportsbook has been added to the sportsbook blacklist with a rating of F.

SBR Forum players have reported poor service at the sports betting site including the unreasonable request that funds be rolled over numerous times as penalty for betting on lines the sportsbook considered to be off-market.

One such player has a balance of over $36,000 that he is concerned he will not be paid unless he completes a 30X play-through. Another player is owed just under five figures and has been waiting on a withdrawal through bitcoin for over a month.

Below are excerpts from an active forum discussion where users are discussing ML718.

SBR Forum poster: "I can't even loggin [sic] any more, it just tells me to contact customer service every time. No matter who you talk to, after they "transfer" you (aka they just pass the laptop around) they all sound exactly the same."

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