Michael Caselli of iGaming business interview pt. 2

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SBR newswoman Natalie interviews Michael Caselli, an iGaming industry expert who founded Lyceum Publishing and is editor-in-chief at information portal iGaming Business. Natalie discusses the US legalisation of online gambling in part two of the interview segment with Mr. Caselli.

Interview Questions:

How closely are you following what’s brewing in the US, as far as states like New Jersey, California, Nevada, and others trying to be the first to offer legal online sports and casino gambling?

We know that bookmakers such as WillHill and BetVictor are in talks with US operators about the prospect of setting up shop in the US if regulation allows. Do you know of any other EU facing companies who currently have plans to try for a piece of the “American pie” in the future?

Assuming the US market opens up and we see multiple choices for a US-based gambler; how hard, if at all, do you anticipate offshore sportsbooks who currently serve US players will take a hit?

Many people we have spoken to, including US state senators believe that casino gambling, and online poker would be legalised well before sports gambling. Are you in agreement with this?

I would like to touch a little on personal liberties. We have seen the recent issue in Holland with players having their IP addresses blocked — do you think it’s likely we may see US states adopt a similar policy to keep players from betting offshore, if the state-run books open up?

Thanks Michael for taking the time to speak to us today and good luck with the Igaming Super Show!

Part 1 of the Michael Caselli interview with SBR focused on the European gaming market.

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