MB24 player has account closed after profiting with bonus

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Mobibet sportsbook news

An MB24 player (formerly known as Mobibet) has submitted a complaint. The player tells SBR that he signed up with MB24, accepted their welcome sports bonus and proceeded to fully meet the rollover requirement. When the player requested payment from MB24, his account was closed and only his initial deposit refunded.

Sportsbook Review reported on October 27 that Mobibet Sportsbook rebranded as MB24.

Mobibet was assessed with an initial rating of D- on March 24, 2014 for their consistent winnings confiscation of all players that were considered bonus chasers. Mobibet did not allege that the players were part of the same household; Mobibet simply claimed that players who only deposit for bonuses and are not considered recreational clients are not eligible to have accounts or accrue winnings.

The industry standard is that players who are considered undesirable have their accounts closed but are paid all winnings on booked action. Bonuses that are not totally rolled over are prorated and paid along with the winnings accumulated to that point. For example, if a player has rolled over 75% of a $100 bonus, all winnings are paid and $25 paid toward the bonus itself.

Mobibet did not share this vision and would not agree to handle accounts this way. It is unclear what prompted Mobibet to rebrand as MB24, but it appears the same decision makers are in place.

Players whose approach to wagering is to hunt bonuses and not stay at one shop for too long are advised to avoid MB24 as the risk of not being paid is high. Players who are willing to take the risk of playing with a D- rated sportsbook should at least mix up their play. For example, when Sportsbook Review questioned Mobibet as to how it identified bonus hunters or decided who not to pay, the example was given of a player who bets 100% of his balance with the bonus on his first wager, and if he wins then bets the minimum necessary to clear rollover without giving the house more action to win its bonus back.

If this approach sounds like yours, practicing it at MB24, or any OddsMatrix sportsbook for that matter, is extremely risky.

Playeers in need of assistance should submit a sportsbook complaint.

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