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An MB24 (SBR rating D-) manager has addressed the recent sportsbook complaint reported by SBR.

A player claimed that €1500 in winnings were unfairly confiscated by the sportsbook. The player opened his account in early 2014 and proceeded to play as normal. After requesting his first sportsbook payout, his account was closed and initial deposit refunded.

SBR reported that MB24, which initially debuted as Mobibet Sportsbook, was immediately added to the sportsbook blacklist due to controversial handling of player complaints involving bonuses.

Players who MB24 believe only deposit for bonuses are considered non-recreational clients and are ineligible to receive winnings from the betting site.

MB24 addressed the latest complaint filed by the player who reported being shorted €1500 in winnings by stating the following:

MB24 Sportsbook: "The investigation is now complete and we have found a pattern of irregular betting that contravenes paragraph 10a subsection 16 of our General Terms and Conditions. As a result your bonus winnings and bonus have now been forfeited and your original deposit is now in your account. This may be withdrawn - your account will be blocked in 48 hours so please ensure you withdraw before this time."

It is unclear if MB24 would have also confiscated the player's deposit if he failed to make a withdrawal in the 48 hour time-frame mentioned.

SBR has questioned MB24 what the player did specifically to violate their terms and conditions, and what gives it the right to confiscate winnings in this case. It is believed that the player's only wrongdoing was taking advantage of a starter bonus and proving to be too sophisticated a client for the sportsbook's liking.

MB24 players with feedback or in need of assistance should submit a sportsbook complaint.

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