Mayweather vs. Pacquiao Controversy: Will sportsbooks refund bets?

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There are lawsuits popping up throughout the United States from disgruntled sports bettors, fight fans, and all who paid anywhere from $90 to many thousands to take in what was promoted as The Fight of the Century.

Mayweather, a 2 to 1 betting favorite, won easily by outpointing Pacquiao in a one sided contest May 2. All who wagered on Pacquiao now want their money back.

Pacquiao's camp revealed after the event that he had a right shoulder injury, that was later described as a significant rotator cuff tear and that would undergo immediate surgery which will sideline the square headed Filipino boxing icon for the better part of a year. Feeling misled, sports bettors who lost millions in Las Vegas betting on Pacquiao took their complaints to court for a class action lawswuit against the fighters, promoters, and the cable companies involved in hyping Mayweather vs. Pacquiao.

An article by Yahoo Sports reveals the particulars of what the suit alleges, but the underlying theme is this: Sports bettors believe the betting line did not reflect Pacquiao's injury and thus their losses should be reimbursed.

It is really the same concept as Lebron James being declared out in an NBA game against the second best team in the league and the line not dramatically changing. Bookmakers offer fairly priced odds to ensure balanced action, but in this event, the money was coming in hand over fist on Pacquiao.

If he was truly as hampered by the injury as his team claims - though there are conflicting reports, with promoter Bob Arum of Top Rank indicating the injury was reaggravated during the fourth round, when Pacquiao already trailed 3 rounds on all judges scorecards - then the betting odds likely would have seen Mayweather as a more prohibitive favorite.

Whenever controversy emerges in sports, online sportsbooks looking to steal some of the limelight have been known to refund losing tickets or otherwise offer incentives and perks to keep bettors happy. One online sportsbook refunded tickets on Pacquiao in the controversial decision loss to Timothy Bradley.

Sportsbook Review has reached out to the top industry sportsbooks for comments on whether or not any specials, rebates, or even reimbursements will go the way of sports bettors who bet and lost on Manny Pacquiao. So far, no official comment has been released.

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