Mayweather vs. McGregor Betting Odds Discussion at SBR Forum

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It seems like every day there is another headline connecting Floyd Mayweather with Conor McGregor.

The headline thirsty media hype machine continues full speed ahead with coverage reminiscent to that of Mayweather vs. Pacquiao prior to their historic welterweight tilt. What would the odds be if these two met in the squared circle? SBR Forum posters are setting their dream lines.

LT Profits believes the -2000 market odds posted by a handful of online sportsbooks severely underestimate Money Mayweather.

LT Profits: "Line is "only" Mayweather -2000 (and that is with heavy vig as McGregor is +1000). I do not bet big favorites, but if this is strictly boxing rules, Floyd seems severely undervalued. Under boxing rules, I'd give McGregor around a 2% chance if that, making fair price Floyd -4900."

Mac4Lyfe seemingly echoed LT's sentiment with his response to the thread and subsequent ellipsis for dramatic effect.

Mac4Lyfe: "I don't think Floyd would even get hit if this fight took place..."

SBR Forum poster Snowball chimed in with a popular anti-Mayweather opinion.

Snowball: "[I'll] tell you right now, I'll take MacGregor just because I want to seea real fighter knock his block off."

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