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Sportsbook Review reported on a Matchbook (SBR rating B+) player had difficulty withdrawing his $9,200 closing balance following the betting exchanges' exit from the Canadian market on 21 July 2014. The case had a unique set of facts where the player actually left Canada prior to the exit and temporarily relocated to the United States, where Matchbook does not allow accounts.

The player intended to relocate to Mexico following a brief stay in the US and resume wagering with Matchbook. However, it was stipulated that he had to withdraw his balance from Matchbook as the account would be closed following Matchbook's withdrawal from Canada.

His trouble started when he was asked to provide six worth of bank statements from a Canadian bank to establish that he indeed resided in Matchbook, although he had successfully used the Canadian account for two years. He had opened his Matchbook account with a deposit through Skrill, and circumstances did not allow for the player to provide six months worth of bank statements. However, intending to comply with the request, he relocated to Canada and opened a bank account at a branch in-person. SBR confirmed that it would not have been possible to open the account over the internet.

After some deliberation, Matchbook decided that the KYC requirement could be bypassed and the player has since reported receiving his funds in full.

Sportsbook Review encourages Matchbook players with feedback to write to SBR at

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