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Matchbook (SBR rating B-) update.

On March 14th, SBR reported that six US-based Matchbook players confirmed receiving payment via credit card. Matchbook withdrew from the US market in February of 2011. At the time of the announcement, Matchbook informed US-based players that they had 31 days to initiate the withdrawal process. | How Matchbook is paying their US players

How Matchbook is paying their US players
Matchbook tells SBR that players with balances of less than $10,000 will be given a refund to their credit cards, while players that hold larger balances will be settled through alternate methods.

SBR has confirmed through its messageboard that ten players have received payment by credit card. Three players have confirmed receiving  $10,000 or more from Matchbook.

Five players have reported that they are still waiting to receive their balances. One such player describes his situation below:

Matchbook player:

I am owed $29,443.23 and I suspect most if not all players with greater than 10K owed are still waiting on their funds and are slowly becoming increasingly concerned. This was a betting exchange and the money should've been there to pay us.

Matchbook players that have confirmed payment in forum thread, Matchbook leaving the US:



SBRforum poster 'bookie':  got my wire too...big, big, sigh of relief...kudos MB.
SBRforum poster 'John Dough': My payout hit today.
SBRforum poster 'omahamoneymaker': Received a decent sized (payment) this morning.
SBRforum poster 'FLDesi': FYI to all. I was a US customer and I received my funds today via credit on CC.

Former Matchbook players are encouraged to write to SBR at to report on their withdrawal statuses.

To read more about Matchbook's decision to withdraw from the US market and its future plans, read this Matchbook interview with SBR.



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