Matchbook Commission Structure Changes as of November 1st

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Popular betting exchange Matchbook (SBR rating B+) has announced to their players that as of 1 November 2016 there will be changes to their commission structure.

There will be 0.75% commission charged on posted offers (a decrease from the current 1%) and 1.50% on all accepted offers (an increase from 1%).

Matchbook explained that by incentivizing users with posting offers more, this will help market liquidity and allow markets to flourish more leading to more matched bets.

Users are discussing the restructuring of Matchbook's commissions at SBR Forum.

Matchbook Statement:

"At Matchbook, we are committed to improving your betting experience. This starts by building a healthy and liquid exchange; each matched bet indicating two satisfied customers getting the odds they want for their requested stake. On November 1st, we are restructuring our commission rate to encourage customers to post more offers and improve the odds across all markets.

New rates:
0.75% commission on all posted offers.
1.50% commission on all accepted offers.

Posting an offer, or looking for better odds, is not as straightforward as accepting an offer, but when more customers post offers a market’s liquidity grows and its odds improve. This is a principle that has allowed Matchbook and other exchanges to grow and flourish, but we want to take it a step further. That’s why we’re lowering our commission rate on posted offers. This should lead to more matched bets, more satisfied customers, and a healthier exchange.

Accepted offers will become more expensive, but our goal is to ensure a better return on all of your bets. By making posted offers more attractive, you get the double advantage of better odds and cheaper commission.

We will continue to strive to deliver you better odds and liquidity, and are confident this will continue to make Matchbook the place you make value bets without the fear of being limited or restricted."

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