March Madness Interview with Legendz (SBR rating A+) and Las Palmas (SBR rating B-)

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March Madness Interview with Legendz (SBR rating A+) and Las Palmas (SBR rating B-)
Handicapper and SBR writer, Peter Loshak sits down with Line managers at Legendz and Las Palmas to talk about the NCAA betting, opening lines, tourney trends, Vegas and the tourney's biggest bets.

SBR: What kind of handle are you seeing so far, and what kind are you expecting? As I'm sure you know, the handle on this year’s Super Bowl actually declined very slightly in Nevada for the second year in a row, despite expectations that it would break the record for Super Bowl wagering. Do you think this year's March Madness handle will be lower as well?

Las Palmas: Yes, I do feel like this year's Madness handle will be lower but I also feel like overall this was a pretty tough year for the industry. I think it’s the worst I've seen in my eight years. We've seen the BOS and Neteller issues and many books getting scared out of the U.S. market. It’s not easy, especially for smaller offices.

Legendz: Super Bowl handle also declined because on paper it was not a real attractive game point spread-wise. And there is an economy right now going on, not to get political.

SBR: No, get political.

Legendz: Well, an economy that isn’t conducive to running off to Vegas like you had in the past. March Madness offshore though, I don’t expect to be any different from last year. It will be busy and I assume profitable. | Full Interview

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