Marathonbet Sportsbook player claims his account is hacked

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A Marathonbet Sportsbook player has filed a complaint with SBR.

The player has stated that his account was breached and his available balance transferred out through payment system Walletone.

The player has claimed that this cashier method is not one that he has used in the past. He believes his account was hacked.

Sportsbook Review published a player advisory on keeping your sportsbook account secure. The article includes steps on how to maintain security and avoid becoming a victim.

Ultimately, online sportsbooks are not liable for losses incurred due to roommates playing or accounts being hacked by third parties. Sportsbooks are only responsible with keeping their internal systems secure.

SBR reported on September 12 that Marathonbet was among the online sportsbooks to apply for and subsequently receive a UK Gambling Commission license.

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