Marathonbet's KYC procedure and another £6311 funds forfeiture

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A Marathonbet (SBR rating B-) player has claimed that £6311 was confiscated from his account.

The player, like others in a recent string of complaints, has claimed to have complied with every facet of Marathonbet's Know Your Customer (KYC) process, including photographing himself holding his ID documents.

Marathonbet has repeated the following line from their terms and conditions in defending what appear to be sweeping audits of all payout requests:

Marathonbet: "If we have any concerns about the identity of a customer, the validity of the address/credit/debit card details quoted or any other details provided we reserve the right to request whatever documentation we deem appropriate to prove the details given, and withhold any payment until we are satisfied of the authenticity of all the details we have been given. Should the details we have been given prove to be false we reserve the right to void any bets placed on this account and to withhold any payments indefinitely."

While all online sportsbooks perform the KYC process, there has been a consistent uptick in player complaints against Marathonbet as of late, all following a similar trend: Players are able to wager without impediment in some cases for several months, but as soon as a payout request is made, Marathonbet lays down a gauntlet of requests and has denied documents allegedly accepted by other betting sites performing their own version of KYC.

Marathonbet has acknowledged the complaints with SBR, but will not delve into specifics electronically. The standard line of the terms and conditions pertaining to player fraud has been cited.

Most recently, Sportsbook Review reported that a Marathonbet player with a 35,000 RUB balance had his account closed and winnings confiscated.

Sportsbook Review is pressing the betting site to give players some option to have documents notarized or certified to reopen their accounts. Right now, as it stands, if Marathonbet objects to any scan provided by a player, the immediate action is to keep the account locked and take all winnings. The sportsbook does not have as refined of a procedure for KYC as larger companies that at least immediately perform some form of KYC upon the point of registration.

Marathonbet's rating has been lowered to B-.

Marathonbet players in need of sportsbook assistance should submit a complaint with SBR.

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