MarathonBet player's balance in limbo

Update 3/31/2016: MarathonBet has addressed the complaint with Sportsbook Review and stated that the player provided non-genuine ID.

A MarathonBet Sportsbook player has submitted a complaint against the sports betting website.

The player's wagering account was blocked more than three weeks ago by MarathonBet.

The player claimed that he was asked to send a series of documents to the sports betting website to regain access, but his account remains blocked.

He has said that MarathonBet has not responded to any of his recent emails for more than eight days with what the next step is to regain access to his funds, so the player filed a sportsbook complaint form with SBR seeking more information on his account status.

SBR has asked MarathonBet management for comment on where this complaint stands, and will update this report as more information becomes available on the situation.




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