MarathonBet declines to share details on payment dispute

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Sportsbook Review reported yesterday that a MarathonBet player filed a complaint involving a $350 balance that he had been attempting to withdraw since June 30, 2015.

The player claims to have provided every form of ID requested by the online sportsbook, including several photos of himself holding said documents, but he has yet to be paid.

SBR noted that the request to photograph oneself holding documents is becoming more common as sports betting sites figure out ways for bettors to satisfactorily complete the Know Your Customer process, which is required to curb fraud.

MarathonBet acknowledged that the player has a $350 balance dispute, but would not discuss the specifics other than to suggest that there was a reason that the player has had to jump through so many hoops up till now to possibly be paid.

The sportsbook then commented that the player was free to contact their support --- something he has done unsuccessfully for going on four months and has provided the copies of correspondence demonstrating -- and that due to the nature of the dispute, no other details could be shared.

If the player is unable to advance the complaint any further following SBR's exchange with management, the next suggestion will be to launch a complaint with the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. MarathonBet will be bound by whatever ruling the AGCC makes as it relates to the player's unpaid $350 balance.

MarathonBet players in need of sportsbook assistance are encouraged to submit a sportsbook complaint form.

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