Marathonbet confiscates winnings citing professional betting

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A Marathonbet Sportsbook (SBR rating B) player has launched a complaint against the betting site with SBR.

The player claims that his account balance of $1,000 has been confiscated. He has previously been paid from Marathonbet. Unlike the recent batch of complaints submitted by Marathonbet users, the player claims he was told he is "not recreational".

Typically, this means the player is profiled as a sharp or winning player and is no longer welcomed to have an account. The term "recreational" refers to a casual sports bettor, and often in contexts indicating unsophisticated action. For example, a player with six monitors hooked up to SBR Odds watching for every line move on a certain game is likely not the type of client a sportsbook would consider recreational.

Still, there is a long way to go from understanding how to utilize line movement to your advantage to being a full-fledged sharp, but as far as an online sportsbook is concerned, you are considered not recreational once they say you are. A sportsbook does not have to explain itself for closing an account, but it cannot arbitrarily close an account and confiscate winnings - that's considered theft.

Just as a restaurant can refuse service to whomever, an online sportsbook is not obligated to take your action, it is only obligated to pay the bets it has accepted. If a bonus is also a factor, then the bonus itself should be prorated based on the amount of completed action.

In this Marathonbet complaint, the player has a more black and white dispute - there is no bonus at play, his account was previously verified and in fact he had received prior payment from Marathonbet. If it's as the player suggests, he should be paid his final balance, and sent on his way.

Sportsbook Review is speaking with Marathonbet on the case.

Marathonbet players with feedback or complaints are encouraged to write to SBR at

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