MarathonBet complaint submitted over botched phone wager

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Update 4/15: MarathonBet has credited the player in full.

A MarathonBet Sportsbook player has filed a wagering complaint.

The player placed a two-team parlay (multiple) over the phone risking $24 to win $68.

He claimed that the MarathonBet representative properly performed the readback for his wager, confirming a price of +283 for the parlay.

He confirmed the details were read correctly and received confirmation from the representative that the wager was locked in.

While checking the score of his first parlay leg and seeing that the bet won, the player logged in to his MarathonBet account and noticed something strange: the parlay did not show in his account, however two single bets appeared as voided.

He called MarathonBet and learned that the wagering clerk accidentally entered his two-team parlay as two single bets, and upon discovery of the mistake the wagering department voided the wagers. The player claimed MarathonBet acknowledged the error, but would not credit his wager or offer a compensatory free bet despite the representative's mistake.

The player has argued with the handling of the complaint: "This is not big money, but if you take the bet, you pay the bet."

Sportsbook Review has asked MarathonBet for comment.

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