Malta Gaming Authority to decide BetRebels dispute

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Sportsbook Review contacted online betting site BetRebels to discuss a player complaint involving an allegedly confiscated €198 balance.

A player claimed that he was accused of wagering on behalf of others and told of the winnings forfeiture by the online sportsbook.

He denies this charge, and claimed no opportunity to defend the accusation was provided.

BetRebels is certain that the player is guilty of wagering with multiple accounts, and has deferred to the decision that will be made by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA).

Due to this matter now being left up to the gaming regulator, who will investigate the claim and review the evidence available from both the sportsbook and player, Sportsbook Review has withdrawn its inquiry and has asked the player to share the results of the outcome of the MGA's investigation into this dispute.

SBR asks BetRebels players with feedback to write to BetRebels is certainly unrated.

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