LSbet Sportsbook vs. Player: Account closure case update

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  • LSbet player has £556.02 confiscated
  • Player claims he has innocently shared picks with friends
  • Investigation reveals likely violation of one account per household policy

SBR reported Tuesday that an LSbet Sportsbook player submitted a complaint against the C rated betting shop, alleging that his winnings were confiscated. The player's balance sat at £706.02 which includes £556.02 in winnings accumulated since his account was created weeks ago. In his initial complaint with SBR, the player stated that his winnings were unfairly docked after a payout request. He reported that LSbet cut his wagering limits, prompting him to seek payment of his balance, before the trouble began.

LSbet required personally identifying documentation including a photo of the player holding a sheet of paper confirming his account details. He obliged what he categorised as a humiliating request, hoping to advance the payment of his funds. LSbet rejected the payout request and cited the violation of their one account per household policy.

In his initial complaint, the player admitted that he and friends placed similar bets at LSbet. SBR later learned that identical wagers were placed by the player and up to six friends, who reportedly lived in the house for a period of one week with the player, and who are all professional gamblers that met online.

He has admitted that it is likely the wagering limits of LSbet were circumvented, and is unsure how many of the accounts redeemed LSbets' sign up bonus.

In consideration of the available facts, industry precedent may call only for the original account to be paid all winnings. Duplicate signups would not have a strong case to be paid their winnings. Unlike other sportsbook cases which involved elements of collusion or organised betting, the one account per household policy has been clearly violated, as well as the potential violation of bonus and wagering limits abuse.

Sportsbook Review will speak with LSbet concerning the allegations made by the player.

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