LSbet Sportsbook players unhappy with showing Skrill history

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Two new LSbet Sportsbook (SBR rating C) players have filed complaints against the betting site by claiming that their privacy has been violated.

Their accounts are suspended and the online sportsbook is unwilling to reopen them unless their entire history of Skrill transactions is provided - this history including transfers made to other betting sites as well as individuals.

Sportsbook Review reported on a similar privacy violation complaint on March 17. A player claimed that a balance of €15,000 was suspended, including €5,000 in winnings.

The complaint is similarly at a standstill. He is refusing to provide LSbet with a complete, unedited copy of all Skrill transactions- He says the most he will do is black out the names of the third parties he has made transfers with.

While players refusing to comply with a KYC process might create the appearance of guilt, there is an important conversation that needs to be had on how far is too far concerning the KYC process. It is standard and reasonable for players to expect to show copies of their own ID, utility bills, bank statements, but where should the line be drawn?

One of the latest complaints is submitted by a player who claims that LSbet will not pay him until he has every player he's made a transfer with on Skrill send in their IDs to LSbet. Presumably, the online sportsbook wants to rule out foul play from any of the other individuals the player has made transfers with.

Fraud is a real problem at online sportsbooks. One player might sign up dozens of accounts and think that by changing their IP address that that he or she is in the clear, but as sportsbooks get more sophisticated in cyber fraud technology, and as the usual old KYC is learned to be manipulated by players, situations can quickly escalate to the theatre of the absurd.

LSbet is trying to combat fraud in the best way that they can, but it reads more like the bookmaker trying to make a point, asking for requests that may be impossible to satisfy if we give the players the benefit of the doubt. And after all, without clear and compelling evidence of fraud, isn't that what sportsbooks are supposed to do, too?

If you have a problem with LSbet, submit a complaint with Sportsbook Review.

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