LSbet Sportsbook Player believes he was unfairly denied a bonus

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An LSbet Sportsbook player has filed a complaint against the sports betting website. He deposited €120 by Skrill intent on receiving a sportsbook cash bonus.

He wagered the required number of times as outlined to be credited with the bonus, but the bonus ended up being declined.

The player states that he provided a series of documents: ID card, utility bill, scree capture of his Skrill account. He was even asked to send a photo of himself holding his ID card along with a paper displaying his account number with LSbet. He thought the last request went too far, but complied nevertheless.

He told Sportsbook Review that LSbet approved the documents, in other words verified his identity and cleared him for continued play, but decided to reject the bonus. LSbet cited a section of their terms and conditions detailing that bonuses are intended only for recreational bettors.

LSbet Sportsbook: "All offers are intended for recreational players. may limit the eligibility for customer(s) participation at its discretion."

He decided to make a withdrawal in light of this as the online sports betting site obviously does not wish to allow him the chance to redeem perks.

The player reported that he has yet to receive the deposit back to his Skrill account.

Sportsbook Review has followed up with LSbet to determine when he will receive the refund and how it determined the player to be non-recreational given the €120 starting deposit; typically, players will deposit the maximum for bonus promotions.

SBR reported that LSbet was cleared in a securty breach dispute originally reported last month. The online betting site discussed the complaint with SBR, but SBR agreed not to share the exact method used to determine the violation.

Mostly, players have taken issue with LSbet's request for entire Skrill transaction histories and photo IDs of all transfer recipients via Skrill for select players. The betting site has remained adamant that such measures are taken when the conclusion is clear that players have attempted to multi-account at their sportsbook.

LSbet players with feedback are encouraged to write to

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