LSbet Sportsbook Management Speaks to SBR on Complaint

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Sportsbook reported on Monday that an LSbet Sportsbook player filed a complaint seeking assistance from the sports betting website.

The player indicated that he believed his balance of €850 was unfairly in limbo - having complied with every request up to that point except for sending over the last three months of his Skrill history, the player believed that sending a photo of himself holding his passport was both humiliating and compliant enough to receive his funds.

His main argument is that as a Skrill VIP, he should not be subjected to what is considered a privacy violation (a belief previously expressed by other LSbet account holders).

Sportsbook Review followed up with LSbet attempting to discuss this issue.

SBR was told that the betting site is prohibited from providing detailed explanation on any of their customers. However, the sportsbook disclosed that they attempted to post a message on the SBR posting forum clarifying that recent posts were made by a group of "fraudsters" based in one location but who had been registering accounts from another.

The sportsbook would not directly comment on if the player who filed the complaint was accused of being one of these players, though LSbet volunteered to discuss the case further by telephone or Skype, on the condition that the specifics that led the betting site to conduct such enhanced layers of KYC (Know Your Customer) not be disclosed.

LSbet players in need of assistance should submit a sportsbook complaint.

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