LSbet Sportsbook downgraded from C- to D+

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Online sportsbook LSbet has been in the news for one reason after another since being assessed with a C rating in November of 2013.

The sportsbook has several outstanding complaints from players who claimed that their winnings were confiscated through no fault of their own.

LSbet has shared only limited circumstances around the issues.

The primary driver of the complaints is the belief that LSbet has that they are entitled to not only see their customers Skrill histories as it relates to transactions with their sportsbook, but all transactions including ones with other companies, and it doesn't stop there.

LSbet also believes that they have a right to see all personal transactions the players have made and to be put in touch with these other individuals and in some cases request their ID. LSbet believes that this will help them rule out that multi accounting has not taken place at their place of business, but the far reaching requests are unheard of even for an industry with constantly evolving KYC.

LSbet has been downgraded from C- to D+.

Players in need of assistance with the online sportsbook are asked to file a sportsbook complaint.

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