LSbet reconsidering their position on bonus dispute

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Sportsbook Review reported earlier last week that an LSbet player complained about being limited to €4 maximum wagers just four bets into his deposit.

The player took issue with the swift limit because of having to complete an additional €1,000+ in play-through to complete his bonus obligations at such small limits.

SBR followed up on the complaint with LSbet.

LSbet initially stuck with their guns by citing their terms and conditions, and noted that the decision was made by their traders. The player would either have to make a minimum of 250 bets to retain his winnings and bonus, or opt for an immediate withdrawal and recover only his starting deposit.

Sportsbook Review advised LSbet that industry precedent calls for the following to occur: The player to be allowed to make a withdrawal for his full winnings and a prorated bonus, or to be given more reasonable wagering limits.

LSbet has acknowledged they are considering their position on the bonus dispute.


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