LSbet asks for player's entire Skrill statement history

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An LSbet Sportsbook (SBR rating C) complaint was filed.

A player has stated that he has successfully proven his identity and had his documents accepted after passing two rounds of Know Your Customer (KYC), however, his account has been put into suspended mode for a third time, with an unusual request to see every non-LSbet Skrill transaction.

The player has argued that this is a massive breach of privacy. SBR agrees that the request is unusual, but in this day an age of keeping fraud down, it is not the most bizarre request heard of.

The player's original complaint is found below:

"Please help me with Lsbet. I sentthem every document they need (scan of ID, photo with ID next to face + Lsbet number account, Skrill transaction history beetwen theirs and my account, bank statement) after that they even replied that everything is ok and payed me out small part of my balance. But next day they they demanded unacceptable thing. They wanted last 6 month Skrill history with every sender and recipient name and amount transaction. This is incitementing to break the law, because this is a private data and without permission from every second site of my transcations I can't inform they about that. Skrill offered they to confirm legality of my account/transactions/balance but they refused and only wanted illigal thing - my Skrill acount transaction history. My identity was proven 2 times in one week (see they words in emails)... and now they wanted 3th time... "

Sportsbook Review has asked LSbet to speak on why they need this latest form of documentation.

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