Logans players await withdrawals as site prepares to go offline

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Logans (SBR rating D+) is in the process of closing its doors. As of last week, players began to see notices that Logans would no longer accept wagers from customers in their region. Logans asked players with balances to go through the withdrawal process by Friday, June 24th. | Logans statement

Logans sportsbook history
In August of 2008, Logans was upgraded from D- to D+ in the SBR sportsbook ratings guide.

Despite being managed and hosted by the Sportsbook.com Group, Logans had independent decision making. Logans had its own email address for players to use to submit disputes. Logans also claimed that they would be willing to revisit decisions made by the Sportsbook.com team. The brand itself generated little feedback from players.

A snapshot of the message players saw when logging into Logans:


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