Live Betting: The Birth of a New Wagering Market

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Live betting has become a fixture at most online sportsbooks. Wagering on a game in progress allows bettors to respond to the ebb and flow of events and to quickly hedge out of their positions if the tide turns against them, unlike with straight pre-game bets where win, lose, or draw, there will be one guaranteed result that you cannot escape.

A player might have $500 or $5,000 riding on dozens of micro-bets where the outcome of the wagers is not even tied to a team winning or losing: for example, a $20 wager on whether the next drive results in points scored during an American football match.

The Birth of a New Wagering Market
While there is a healthy percentage of old-fashioned gamblers who simply want to place a bet and then check after the game has ended on whether it was a winner or loser, a new generation of younger players tethered to their smartphones have created the demand for live sports betting, as one SBR Picks writer detailed.

What was once only available during the commercial breaks on Monday Night Football has spread like wildfire throughout the industry. Players can bet on the winner of the next point in tennis at some of the best live betting sites that have invested millions in their in-play technology.

As player demand for live betting on all events and not just marquee, notable events has intensified, sportsbooks have integrated more proficient, scalable platforms developed by third-parties or in-house that allows for live betting markets to be spread on hundreds of events at once. Gone are the days where a team of lines managers needed to remain glued to a television that might have been delayed from what players were seeing, inevitably leading to sportsbook complaints.

Today's bettor being younger than the gamblers of yesteryear also means there has been a rise of sportsbooks offering excellent mobile betting platforms.

To find a sportsbook that offers live betting and read more about their individual wagering platform and deposit and withdrawal options, SBR suggests players read the full reviews in the best sportsbooks page.

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