Leonbets Player vs. Sportsbook

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Leonbet sportsbook complaint

A Leonbets Sportsbook player has submitted a dispute involving a balance of $1,500.

The player claimed that he legitimately profited in the sportsbook over a period of one month before his account underwent a security audit.

He was asked to provide copies of his passport and other personally identifying documents.

Leonbets then suspended the account on the grounds that the player had violated their terms and conditions pertaining to multiple accounts. He denies the charge.

This is the only Leonbets complaint presently on file.

Leonbets players in need of assistance should write to help@sportsbookreview.com. Sportsbook Review is presently analyzing Leonbets operation and will soon form an introductory rating.

A third of all sportsbook complaints receive involve the Know Your Customer (KYC) process. SBR reported on the importance of KYC in a recent feature report titled Online Sportsbooks KYC policies.

SBR will update as facts develop. SBR asked the player to confirm his initial deposit amount.

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