Legendz Update: More on the Verdict & other rulings

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On April 30th the jury reached a verdict in the case of Bartice “Luke” King, formerly of Legendz Sports. The original multiple count superseding indictment had been reduced to three counts: Operating an Illegal Gambling Business, Money Laundering and the most serious; RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations).

The jury sided with the government on both the Illegal Gambling and Money Laundering charges but in dramatic fashion acquitted Mr. King on the more severe RICO charge. The government’s motion to reprimand Mr. King into custody following the two guilty verdicts was denied by the court.

The court has since ruled that government lawyers have “opened the door” for the three current Legendz defendants (Rodger Vanpelt Bramley, Kelly Ward Diebner, and Leon Mark Moran, Jr.) currently standing trial.

Lawyers for these defendants will now be able to inform the jury that the alleged ring leader of the conspiracy was found not guilty of the most serious charge of which they are also on trial for. The court also noted the defense, unlike prosecutors, has not opened the door for prosecutors to tell the jury that Mr. King was convicted on two of the three charges. Other Legendz defendants who have been found guilty or pleaded guilty previously to the RICO charge are one by one filing motions for new trials or outright acquittals on the RICO charge. 

The trial for Mr. King began on April 14th as reported by SBR. The jury deliberated for two days.

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