Legends Sports Founder Denied Free Travel: SBR News Report

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  • Legends Founder Requested Unrestricted Travel within USA
  • Attorney asked for GPS bracelet removal
  • Judge Stephen P. Friot denied both requests

Sportsbook Review's Natalie Rydstrom provides the latest news update on the criminal case involving Legends Sports' founder Bartice "Luke" King.

King, through his attorney Nathan J. Mays, requested that he be allowed to freely and without prior authorization travel within the United States so that he could take summer trips with his family.

Mays argued that King had on many occasions over the previous three years obtained permission for such outings as well as funerals.

“Mr. King has complied with all conditions of his Pre Trial Release for a period of thirty-five months. One of these conditions is that he seek and obtain approval each and every time that he travels outside of Harris or Montgomery Counties in Texas. Mr. King has complied with this condition and has sought and received approval on numerous occasions for Court appearances, to attend funerals, and to travel with his wife and children. For this reason Mr. King is seeking a modification of his conditions which would permit him to travel within the United States without seeking prior approval. This request is made primarily so that Mr. King can take summer vacation trips with his wife and children.” –Attorney Nathan J. Mays

Mays also requested that King be allowed to shed the GPS monitoring ankle bracelet that he has worn continuously for the last 35 months.

Judge Stephen. P Friot denied both requests.

Sportsbook Review will report once a sentencing takes place for the two counts King was convicted on of money laundering and running an illegal gambling business. Many individuals named in the sweeping indictment against Legends Sports have been sentenced to probation, including The Greek founder Spiros Athanas as reported by SBR.

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