Legends creates backup website during denial-of-service attack

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Legends (SBR rating A+), which uses Legends.com as its primary website, has created http://backup.legends.com. Legends has been facing a denial of service attack since Saturday. The attack uses a large amount of the websites server and bandwidth resources in an attempt to keep real users from accessing the site. Legends' IT team has been working on new filters since Saturday. Players can also manage their account by phone at  1-800-246-9828.

Legends official statement:



The Legends.com site has been temporarily bought down as a precaution in response to a denial-of-service disruption, a situation in which a website's servers are overwhelmed with communications requests, experienced early Saturday.  The decision to bring the site down will allow the information technology specialists to take all necessary steps to ensure that the site is back up and running seamlessly; the site will be put back up shortly.  In the meantime, current customers may continue to call in their bets via Legends' call center (1-888-282-8989 or 1-800-246-9828) or they may place their wagers via a secure backup site at http://backup.legends.com which has been enabled for the convenience of players. 

For additional information contact:
Customer Service Department
1-888-282-8989 / 1-800-246-9828



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