LasPalmas update: $129,660 now owed to players

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It has been nearly a month since the last LasPalmas (SBR rating D) update. LasPalmas has not changed its stance toward blocking off communication with SBR, as there has been no update or end to the slowpays in sight. A new complaint has been received from a player that requested $6,660 on August 1st. The player has received conflicting answers from LasPalmas staff, and was ultimately delayed another "week or two". This brings the total funds owed to players since January of 2009 up to $129,660.

Player comments


At the time of payout request I was told it could take up to 21 days to do a wire transfer. When 21 days elasped I was told it was 21 business days. Today I was gived some lame excuse about banking problems by their customer service dept. as to why my money wasn't sent and told that it would take another week or two. Customer service refused to let me talk to anyone one else to get things clarified as to what exactly was going on.


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