LasPalmas slow-pays continue; players owed over $124,000

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LasPalmas (SBR rating D+) players report being owed over $124,000. The slow-pays began in January of 2009. LasPalmas stated they had processor problems in February after multiple payout complaints surfaced. Players were assured things were fine and told they could expect to receive funds at the beginning of March. At the start of March a few players were sent small payments, but large balance holders were left to wait and continued to be fed generic email responses. The Las Palmas Group, which includes eHorse and eHorse-X, is no longer willing to discuss player complaints with SBR. The largest payment LasPalmas has made this year was via book-to-book transfer of $40,000 on 4/15/09 to a player's (SBR rating A+) account. Interbook transfers have since been discontinued as LasPalmas payout delays increase. The largest pending payout is more than $34,000 which SBR reported on 6/17/09.

Player comments


“I joined ehorse when they carried a B-rating. After several deposits I ran my account to over 48K. At that point they cited a racing rule which allowed them to deduct over 24k from my account. I then ran my account back up to 31K at which time they shut me down and a payout was requested. Well over three months later I am still waiting for the bank wire in which they keep saying is "two weeks away". My complaint is not with the 24K deduction but rather lack of payout(s).”

“As you may recall I got paid out a couple of larger payments a few months back (I was owed about $50000). The remaining balance I've pushed to get either in small payments or ideally a full payout. My current balance ids $29000 which sits in the exchange.
I've had a few smaller amounts, usually $2-3000 which has got it down this far, but I have hit a wall the last few weeks and I suspect they may be almost dry. I'm happy they are trying to be honest, but I just think they are broke and they may well just be shuffling the odd bit of money thay get in to offset elsewhere. The customer services staff seem pretty fed up.
I suspect the chances of getting the balance are now low, so I've offered them a deal to close out the account of 50c on the $. I offered a few weeks ago at about 70c/$ but they declined and said they would pay in full ( I wish!!).
I wondered if you had heard anything recently such as a possible sell out or takeover? I'm not holding out much hope of getting further cash but if they did get a buy out at least I might stand a chance.”

“I made payout request of 1300USD on march 30th and again on jun6th but no response at all from Las Palmas. “I made payout request of 1300USD on march 30th and again on june 6th but no response at all from Las Palmas. Previously I deposited in Las Palmas “


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