LasPalmas closes account for nonrecreational play; player owed $34,439.45 since March 7th, 2009

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On March 7th LasPalmas (SBR rating D+) closed the account of a player that had a balance of $35,239.45. Las Palmas stated that all of the player’s funds would be wired within 21 business days. After providing the required banking documents on March 10th, the player waited 21 business days for his money. On May 17th, a month past the expected withdrawal date, the player sent an email asking for an update which went unanswered. The player began to call LasPalmas every day demanding answers. On June 3rd the player accepted $800 toward his balance via Moneygram.  LasPalmas cited problems with bank wires as reason for the continued delay. Las Palmas and the rest of the Horizon 20 Group continue to have problems paying large winners. Players should avoid Las Palmas as they struggle with payment. | Forum Discussion








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I had called twice about ten days apart prior to the e-mai (on may 17th) .Was told that they were running a little behind with their wires and I should get it next week.When nothing arrived,I tried e-mailing but they didnt reply so I went back to calling.I did ask about a check, but they said no we will wire you.They said they had more trouble with checks and they dont write them above 4500.00.The pattern is that I call and try to get an answer on my wire or a payment plan or even agood faith moneygram but am always told I must call back to speak to Brian the manager who seems to come in breifly twice a week.When I get him he usually tells me to call back for one reason or another and still claims he will wire the money. He used to say next week now hes saying in 2 weeks.He just e-mailed me a moneygram control number for $800 well see if this one is real.They are making me work for these alleged moneygrams.Ive called at least a dozen times for this one.Maybe they are trying to wear me down. As far as a payment plan that would be great but can they be trusted?I have brought it up but am typically told that I should wait for a bank wire.


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