Kingdom Casino Accuses Player of Fraud at sister sports betting site

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Two weeks ago, Sportsbook Review reported on a Kingdom Casino complaint.

A player claimed to be a 21-year-old college student who was worried that he would not be paid from the sports betting site.

The player deposited $500 through card and proceeded to grow his balance to $2,795.

He told SBR that he wagered for fun, although the online sportsbook concluded that he was a "non-recreational player", or was too sophisticated for their risk management department's liking.

As a result, he was cut a cheque for $1,895 in winnings, and was to be reimbursed his deposit through his initial transaction method.

SBR contacted the online sportsbook at the player's request. During this time, the player received the cheque but was unable to redeem it through his bank. SBR spoke with the owner of the parent company - BTG Global NV - which also powers Dimeline Sports,, Palladium casino, among other websites, concerning the issue.

BTG Global acknowledged the player's issue with his withdrawal and followed up with a third party processor.

Today SBR was contacted with the allegation that the player signed up at sister sports and casino website Palladium, where he lost a $500 deposit in the casino, before calling his bank to refute the transaction - which would rise to the level of player fraud.

As a result of the player's activity, BTG Global is no longer willing to speak on the player's complaint and has closed his accounts. SBR has followed up with the player, and barring any dispute as to the time-line, will have to withdraw its service following up on his behalf.

Sportsbook Review's Natalie Rydstrom reports on the ordeal in today's SBR Industry News video recap:

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