Judge denies Legendz founder's Motion for Acquittal or New Trial

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US District Judge Stephen P. Friot denied Friday the request for a judgment of acquittal or new trial on the two counts which Legends Sports founder Luke "Bartice" King was found guilty.

In dramatic fashion, King was acquitted of the most serious charge against him — count one, RICO — and found guilty by a jury of his peers of running a criminal gambling enterprise and money laundering.

Judge Friot released a seven page denial which explained why the court upheld the jury's verdict on counts two and three.

Why the court rejected acquitting Mr. King or ordering a new trial on Count 2
"It is also abundantly clear from the evidence that the Legendz gambling business was operated in part within the United States
(and in part in Panama) and that those portions of the gambling business which were conducted within the United States violated the laws of several states."

Why the court rejected acquitting Mr. King or ordering a new trial on Count 3
"As for Count 3 itself, the court quite easily finds that Mr. King is, of all of the active defendants in this case, in the poorest position to argue that the evidence does not adequately show him to have been involved in a conspiracy to commit money laundering. Mr. King was at the top of the
organization. Millions of dollars flowed from the United States to Panama. Mr. King certainly was a co-conspirator with numerous other individuals, including numerous other active defendants in this case, in generating, directing and managing that flow of funds to Panama."

There has been no word yet on a sentencing date for counts two and three.

Sportsbook Review will keep readers updated as there are any developments in this case, or the cases raised against other Legendz Sports defendants currently standing trial (Rodger Vanpelt Bramley, Kelly Ward Diebner, and Leon Mark Moran, Jr.).

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