JazzSports payouts discussed at SBR Forum

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Online sports gamblers are discussing JazzSports' payout time-frame at SBR Forum.

JazzSports is based in Costa Rica and has been online for over 15 years.

The online sportsbook has scored highly on their ability to pay bitcoin withdrawals in a prompt fashion. One SBR reader noted that in his experience the sportsbook processed his withdrawal while on the phone with them.

Below are excerpts from the JazzSports discussion thread at SBR Forum.

JazzSports Discussion at SBR Forum
SBR member QuangX:
"I heard good things about jazz sports but... payout has to be requested before 11 eastern... and you cannot request it ahead of time...  I think they should fix this or does everyone wakes [sic] up before 8am to request a paypout on the west coast? "

SBR member JJGold: "Sportsbooks based off East Coast times, was always that way."

SBR member dirtdog52658: "Yeah the before 11am thing is kinda [crappy], but if you're doing bitcoin these guys are best in biz at it. Payouts done while you're on the phone confirmation with them."

SBR member InsiderHer: "So a sportsbook that actually pays, pays same day if you get your request in by 11am or they pay next day, and you're still complaining? Seriously? LOL. In my book, that's fast! "

JazzSports has been upgraded to B in the betting sites rating guide. SBR welcomes feedback from JazzSports players, players can write in to mail@sportsbookreview.com.

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