JazzSports payout troubles

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JazzSports (SBR rating D) users report being owed $206,255. On August 4th, 2011, SportsbookReview reported that the slow-pay sportsbook told players that payments would be made during the beginning of the football season. To date, none of the players have confirmed payment. One of the players who is owed more than $100,000 posted today on SBRforum indicating that he has not received payment from JazzSports in over six months. The player also pointed out that he has been limited to $250 maximum wagers and placed on a 30-second delay at the sportsbook.

JazzSports, which also operates LooseLines,ABC Islands and JazzBet has been lowered from a sportsbook rating of D+ to D. SBR will update this report as players confirm payment or as more information becomes available.


[b]You are now speaking with Nick of Customer Support.[/b]
You: hi
You: my acc is xxx
You: I had requested ** yesterday, is it ready now?
Nick: Hello Mr. xxx ... at this moment we can not process pay-out through our vendors Mgram or ** since we are having problem with out vendors.
You: then..
Nick: We may be able to to continue to pay you your balance at the begining of september...once footblall season starts...now we understand your position as player
Nick: We are trying to do Sportsbooks transfer...but not at this moment
You: wire possible?
Nick: Nothing until semtember Sir
Nick: we are sorry
Nick: september i meant
You: this whole month nothing can be out?
Nick: You can alwasy email the manaager at harvey@jazzsports.com and see what can our manager solution can be give to you...but from now on..there is no more pay-out until once football season gets here
Nick: Thats correct! pay-outs are in hold at this moment.








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