Jazz Sportsbook Group slow-pays update

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Jazz Sportsbook Group slow-pays update:
Player 1 - Reported receiving his $4,000 withdrawal from a June 3rd payout request.
Player 2 - Reported receiving his $5,000 withdrawal from a June 1st payout request.
Player 3 - ABC Islands (SBR rating C) has stated that it would send the player his balance of $8,443 via bank wire. The player has provided the banking details to ABC Islands.

Any player experiencing a payout issue with any Jazz Sportsbook Group shop is asked to fill out their account details via sportsbook complaint form.

Jazz players:

Payment received!!!  The full $4000 just arrived.  Thank you so much.  You accomplished in less than 1 week what I've been trying to do for nearly 2 months.



I just received payment to confirm, thank you for all your efforts...I sincerely appreciate them.



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