Jazz Sports users report delays

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Four Jazz Sports (SBR rating C-) payout complaints have been submitted. Each user reports that the manager of the Jazz payout department is routinely unavailable and that it has been months since a partial payment was received. The total balance of all four users is approximately $196,255.

The Jazz Sportsbook Group family, which consists of Jazz, JazzBet, LooseLines, and ABC Islands were downgraded to C- on February 3rd for the inability to process large payouts in a timely manner. Players with payment complaints from the Jazz family are asked to submit sportsbook complaint forms. | Jazz users report delays


Jazz Sports player: They have owed me money for a long time, and I haven't been paid since May of 2,010. I am still owed a balance of 13,895, and everytime I call for Harvey, he's on the phone, try back later, or he's out of the office, try back later. It's a constant run-around with them. I have been a customer of there's for over 7 years now. Any help you could do would be appreciated.

Jazz Sports player #2: Have been trying for months and months to reduce my balance which stands close to $13k. All contact has been going through Harvey, who occasionally replies - I was able to receive $1,000 a few months ago, but since then, nothing.

I received a message maybe a month ago through their onsite message system that they had replied to my email but the mails were being returned. Hard to believe as this has never happened to anyone else. Fed up with it all now, just want to either reduce my balance to a manageable amount or withdraw all funds but the just give me the runaround, or ignore me...



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