Jazz building, which hosts BetIslands & ABC Sportsbook, experiencing technical issues

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UPDATE — The Jazz Sports Group websites are back online.

The Jazz Sports Group facility currently has a power outage, and backup power equipment has also not been functioning properly. SBR spoke with BetIslands (SBR rating C) management, who asked SBR to pass on their apologies to players. Management also tells SBR they are working with a local power company to resolve the issue, but currently do not have a time-line for when the three websites—BetIslands, JazzSports, ABC Islands—will be back online.

SBRforum posters react to the hardware outage in forum topic, "BetIslands".

The following quote was provided by BetIslands regarding the outage:

BetIslands: Due to an electrical failure internet and phone access will be down until approximately 2:00pm Pacific Time (5:00pm Eastern). We apologize for the interruption in the service. Thank you.

SBR will update this report as the sportsbooks come back online.

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