Is a Trump/Christie ticket the best outcome for sports bettors?

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Sportsbook Review has updated the political betting odds grid with revised markets from online betting sites.

While there has already been substantial line movement over the previous six months with Donald Trump's odds shifting from 66 to 1 to 3.8 to 1, most of the line movement is yet to come as the July GOP convention approaches.

Bettors who believe that Trump would be less than a 3.8 to 1 shot against Hillary Clinton — who is so far coasting to the democratic nomination and is a -970 betting favorite to secure the nod — likely are considering if they should wager now if they believe Trump survives a contested convention.

Online sports bettors have expressed that they believe Trump would be the more pro-betting commander-in-chief than Clinton.

NJ Governor Christie, having supported New Jersey's bid for legal sports betting, might increase confidence among sports bettors that change is coming if Trump were to select Christie as his running mate.

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